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Searching for the ideal gift? Well inspiration is just a click away. Choose from wine decanterswine aerators / decanting funnel, corkscrews and wine openersbottle coolers and chillerschampagne and ice buckets, glassware and many more great gifts for wine lovers, including delicious Brix Chocolate For Wine, all backed by our friendly knowledgeable service, low prices and speedy UK delivery.  


Latest Products

  • Conundrum Decanter 1L

    Conundrum Decanter 1L

    The voluptuous curves of the Conundrum Decanter swirl the wine in graceful pirouettes around this elegant vessel.


  • NEW Slice Party Drinks Tub

    NEW Slice Party Drinks Tub

    No party is complete without bottles on ice, and the huge Slice Party Tub offers a stylish serving solution.


  • OFFER Frio Ice Wine Decanter with FREE GIFT

    OFFER Frio Ice Wine Decanter with FREE GIFT

    Pop some ice into the ingenious detachable base, slip the decanter on top and chill out in style.


  • Descorjet Champagne Opener

    Descorjet Champagne Opener

    With 250million bubbles, on average inside a bottle of Champagne, Descorjet takes the drama out of cork popping without spoiling the fun.


  • Wine Saving Gift Set

    Wine Saving Gift Set

    Simplest way to preserve opened wines by vacuuming out the air to reduce oxidisation.


  • Whisky Stones

    Whisky Stones

    Serve your whisky chilled with a slice of Scottish history.


  • Brix Tasting Party Gift Set

    Brix Tasting Party Gift Set

    Host your own wine & chocolate tasting with the Brix Tasting Party Gift Set – just add wine!


  • The Tasting Game®

    The Tasting Game®

    Swirl, sniff and... slurp! Match the 'Aromas', 'Tastes' and 'Sensations' that describe wines JUST LIKE THE EXPERTS!


  • LSA Gustav Decanter

    LSA Gustav Decanter

    Sublime in design, the Gustav decanter has a hidden secret - the glass stopper doubles up as a measurer or drinking glass.


  • Twister Decanter with Wine Aerator Set

    Twister Decanter with Wine Aerator Set

    Reveal the full flowering of any red wine with the Twister Decanter & Wine Aerator Set.


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