Miranda Hughes writes…

Although many glibly remark that they never leave a bottle of wine or fizz unfinished, the reality is that if you only want a glass or two to wind down with at the end of the day, wish to savour a particularly treasured vintage over time, or celebrate after hearing some good news - once the cork’s out, time is definitely not on your side

  1. Why does wine and Champagne ‘go off’ after it’s been opened?
  2. How can I keep opened wines for longer?
  3. How does PresorVac work?
  4. Does PresorVac work for Champagne too?
  5. How can I stop drips running down the outside of the bottle after I’ve poured?
  6. Conclusions…
  7. Show me how it works and what’s included…
  8. How much does it cost?
  9. How can I order one? 

Why does wine and Champagne ‘go off’ after it’s been opened? To see a review of the Presorvac - click here
The culprit is oxygen; good old O2, the gas that keeps us from gasping our last is no friend to opened wine. And while an early airing brings out the best of the wine bouquet (which is why we recommend aerating and decanting especially young, tannic red wines), prolonged exposure is a sorry business to be sure and inevitably leads to the decline and fall of all opened vino as the dreaded oxidation sets in - in effect your wine rusts!  An even worse fate awaits Champagne, though this time there’s a “C” in front of the O2 as the naturally occurring CO2 (Méthode Champagnoise) bubbles out of solution leaving a ghastly flat liquid that’s not even fit for watering  the yucca plant.

How can I keep opened wines for longer?
Enter PresorVac, the inspired invention of a former wine merchant, who has developed a smart-looking state-of-the-art hand held rotary pump, powered by the latest nickel metal hydride rechargeable battery technology and solving at a stroke our opened wine quandaries.

How does PresorVac work?
For saving opened still wines, the PresorVac pump combines with an ingenious pour-seal’-n-save stopper vacuuming out enough of that nasty oxygen to keep both whites and reds fresh and zingy for up to 14 days!  Its very easy to use too and there’s a clever little red light that comes on to tell when you’ve pumped out enough air.

Does PresorVac work for Champagne too?
Oh yes. It will keep all sparkling wines fizz-fresh for several days too.  Here’s the really clever bit when it comes to saving the Champers - simply clip another special stopper over the Champagne bottle, flick a switch, and instead of vacuuming out the air PresorVac pumps it all back in - creating pressurised air on top of a thin layer of naturally escaping CO2 - exactly what’s needed to keeps those Champagne bubbles in suspension absolutely naturally. It’s fascinating to watch because as you pump the air in you can actually see the rising streams of bubbles begin to falter and then cease all together. The red light also comes on so you know when there’s just the right amount of air in the bottle.

How can I stop drips running down the outside of the bottle after I’ve poured?
An added benefit of this new invention is the very stylish pour-seal-n-save stopper. You get one with each PresorVac (plus two ordinary rubber stoppers and one Champagne sealer) and more can be bought online. All the stoppers are 100% air tight. However, the pour-seal-n-save stopper not only looks neat, you can actually leave it on the bottle until you’re ready to serve. Just lift the lever to open the valve and pour away without spilling a drop.

If you think about it, there are considerable benefits in being able to savour your cellar by the glass instead of just by the bottle. Your guests, who are also driving, if they are not abstaining completely, cannot fail to be appreciative of your hospitality when you offer them (in acknowledgement of their great sacrifice) a small glass of your very finest vintage. And haven’t you been just itching to try a secretive slurp of that treasured bottle of Château Talbot? I know I have!

Show me how it works and what’s included…

Press down
and twist
the stopper
firmly into
the bottle
Slide the
clip over
the bottle
Push lever down
Screw the
Move pointer to red
Move pointer to blue

Engage the pump

Red light 'on' – vacuum sealed


Engage the pump

Red Light 'on' – pressure sealed

Lift lever to pour
to release
Pour wine and
re-seal Store
bottle upright
Remove stopper
and pour Store
bottle upright
To clean, rinse
well under running water
To clean, rinse
well under running water

The PresorVac kit is supplied complete with full instructions; the PresorVac rotary pump, a plug- in battery re-charger with a mains plug already fitted, twelve pour-seal’-n-save stopper, six seal’-n-save rubber stoppers and the two special Champagne stoppers. So you could actually have eighteen opened bottles of still wine and two of Champagne on the go from day one. Extra stoppers can be bought on line. they cost £5.87 for the Champagne stopper and £3.52 for the pour-seal'n-save stoppers. All that’s needed is to charge it up first overnight and then PresorVac’s ready to go and will seal up to 85 bottles before the rechargeable battery runs flat.

How much does it cost?

How can I order one? 
On line at www.winegiftcentre.com